Travel Guide: Summer 2017

The summer is here, which means that it is finally time to kick back, relax and enjoy the heat. Whether you’re planning a beach vacation, city trip, or just on enjoying your weekends outdoors, this travel guide will help prepare you for the summer holidays.

The summer season is all about lightweight, effortless and chic outfits, that will give you a comfy and relaxed vibe. And since summer vacations are all about laying out on the beach tanning, exploring landmarks, eating fresh food and basically just having a relaxing time, you want to make sure that you have the proper skin care and entertainment along with you. There are a few essentials that are considered “must-haves” when packing for any summer trip in order to be prepared and have an awesome time. I’ve categorised them in four main categories, which are clothing, accessories, tech and entertainment, and finally toiletries and skin care.


Summer Clothing:

Keeping it simple, colorful, flowy and fun is the way to go during the summer season. Some essentials to have in your travel luggage include shorts, tops and dresses. Mom denim shorts are very trendy this season and give a cool vintage vibe to any outfit, while printed or plain high shorts are also super cute and will ensure your comfort. Flowy, printed and colorful tops are the way to go. You want to pack styles such as off the shoulder and strappy tops. Dresses are the easiest way to achieve a cute put together look with minimum output, so opt for printed flowy dresses, which come in so many different styles nowadays. 

          Of course you don’t want to forget your swimsuit! Be sure to pack your favorite bikini or a sexy one-piece, which are a huge trend this summer of 2017. Pack a cute cover-up as well, which are an easy way to look cute and cover-up for a quick lunch on the beach. Also, be sure to have some comfy sandals with you, ones that will keep you looking cute but also keep you comfortable during the long summer days. 


Summer accessories are not only considered a way to spice up an outfit, but some are actually very important to have with you on summer vacation because they can help you stay protected from the harsh sun. Some essential accessories include a cute pair of sunnies..look  out for mirror ones, which are very in this season, a cap or straw hat, a beach bag, which are very handy for you to carry your things to the beach, and of course a beach towel.

Tech & Entertainment:

This category is very often overlooked by people when traveling but it’s actually very important to pack some of these things along with you to ensure that you have an entertainment filled vacation with no worries. For the airport you might need a cute passport case and luggage tag, just to ensure that everything is organized and to avoid the fuss. Also, be sure to bring your camera or Go-pro with you in order to capture some great pics. While laying out on the beach, you might want to read a book or listen to music so think about packing your books, audiobooks, ipod, bluetooth speakers, or headphones. Something that we are all guilty of forgetting at one time is our phone charger, so always remember to bring it along!


Toiletries & Skin Care:

The final category of travel essentials is very important. You don’t want to forget your toiletries and skin care when on a summer vacation, especially that the sun rays may be quite harmful so it is important to take care of your skin after being in the sun. Be sure to pack sun screen, a lip balm with spf, deodorant, and an after sun skin moisterizer or serum.

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