Halloween Look: Zombie

Halloween Look: Zombie

If you’re looking for a simple halloween costume that will not only be breathtaking but will also show off your makeup application skills, then this zombie halloween look is perfect for you! You’ll end up with amazing results that will have everyone talking. The great thing about this zombie look is that it could be easily created with the makeup items you have at home. So let’s go through the steps.

1. The first step is to apply the base. Zombie’s certainly have a quite fair complexion so mix in some white face paint with your regular foundation and apply it all over the face and lips as well with a damp beauty blender or foundation brush. If you have a long night planned, apply some foundation primer first.

2. You should know have washed-out zombie like skin. Now its time for contouring. For this look, it is important to chisel out your cheekbones, temples and jawline. Start off by using cream contour and apply it to the contour areas.

3. Now you want to set your face with some translucent powder and then go over the previously contoured areas with contour powder to set it.

4. A very important step to make sure this look turns out perfectly is to contour the area around the eyes. You want to contour around your eye sockets using a small defined brush; first with cream then powder contour.

5. It’s time to work on the eyes. Apply a dark black eyeshadow to your eye lids then smoke it out on the lower lash line as well using a smudge brush. You can go crazy with this step and smoke it out as much as you want since you want to create a dead zombie look.

6. For some finishing touches to the eye makeup, you first want to choose a dark yellow eyeshadow tone and apply it over the contour you had previously done to your eye sockets. Then go over the area from the eye lids to the brow bone and underneath the eyes once again with a deep plum color. Now you want to add black shadow again but only to the eyelids (focus on the inner corners of the eyes.) Finally, line your upper and lower waterlines with a black kohl pencil and smoke it out.

7. It’s time to finish off the face. Apply the same shades of eyeshadow (yellow, plum, and black) to random areas of the face and neck to create bruises.

8. This step is when you create cuts on your face. You can do that by using 3 simple items; black lash glue, red food coloring and corn starch. First, apply the black lash glue to certain areas of the face and neck where you want the cuts to be and let it get tacky and dry a bit. Once dry, pull some random pieces to create the effect of a cut. Now mix red food coloring and corn starch together to create fake blood. Using a sponge, apply the blood over the wounds.

9. For the lips, you want to start off by applying the foundation and white paint mix to your lips. After that, apply a deep dark berry shade of liquid lipstick only to the center of your lips and blend it outwards to the side of your lips to create the look of blood. You can then add darker shades once again to the center part of your lips.

10. This step is all about final details to make the look flawless. You can add some vaseline to your eyelids and the inner corners of your eyes to create a cool effect. Also, apply some of the fake blood down your fingers. And finally for the hair, you want messy greasy hair. So create messy waves in your hair and add some oil to make it look dirty.

And there you have it! Using some simple makeup techniques, you can create an amazing zombie look for this halloween. For more info on how to create zombie makeup looks, watch some of these videos for help.

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