Fall Beauty Essentials

Fall Beauty Essentials

Our favorite time of the year when we get to play around with makeup and create different makeup looks is the fall season! And the fall is here so get excited. We’ve put together a guide for you with the top 10 most important beauty products that you should have in your collection this season. With these items, you’ll ensure that you face is hydrated and that you get rid of all the dry skin that we experience during the cold seasons and you’ll have the tools need to create a flawless sculpted face, smoky sultry eyes, and beautiful bold lips that we all love during the autumn and winter seasons. So whatever you’ll need to keep your fall beauty game on point, you’ll find right here so be sure to continue reading.

1. Fall Eye Shadow Palette – The number one makeup must-have that is absolutely essential in your fall makeup collection is a fall-friendly eye shadow palette. Try choosing eye palettes that feature both basic transition shades as well as darker shades and warm tones. Having a complete palette like this will ensure that you’ll be able to create natural, simple, everyday, and smoky eye looks. You certainly won’t go wrong with a complete palette like these. Some of the best high-end pallets for to keep an eye out for include the Lorac Pro Matte Palette, the Tartlette Palette by Tarte, and a custom created palette by Buxom. But for more budget-friendly options, check out the L’oreal eyeshadow Quads and the Elf palettes at the drugstore.

2. Face Oil – During the fall season, its important to keep your skin from drying out when the weather starts to get cold. For deep hydration of your face, consider applying a face oil. Face oils will ensure that you get rid of all the dry skin on your face that can sometimes drive us crazy during the cold seasons. Moisterizing is key so don’t skip out on having a face oil in your fall beauty collection. Not to mention, having smooth hydrated skin will ensure that the rest of your makeup applies flawlessly.

3. Dark Lipstick –  Of course we have to mention dark shades of lipstick when it comes to fall makeup must-haves. It’s the time of year we always wait for so we can rock bold dark lips. A bold lip is easy to achieve with creamy lipstick. Some of the best shades include berry, plum, burgundy, classic red, deep red, and a deep nude. You can add so much style to your daily looks with this one simple step; applying a dark bold lip color. Of course there are numerous brands in which you can find the most beautiful shades; both drugstore and high end.

4. Fall Nail Polish – Beauty lovers know that you can’t skip the nails! And that’s why having fall appropriate nail polishes in your collection is another essential this season. Nail Polish just completes any look amazingly so don’t skip out on applying fall nail polish. You can go basic with nude, taupe, grey, white, or black colors. Or you can go bold with deep shades of green, navy, plum, gold, and burgundy. Just have fun with it.

5. Brow Product – Full bushy brows are very popular during the fall season. With any makeup look, fill in your brows to complete the look and stand out a lot more. To fill in your brows in the most natural way, you’ll need a good quality brow product; a brow pencil, brown powder, or a brow pomade. There are many options to chose among, it all depends on what you feel more comfortable with. One of the best products that you should consider investing in is the Anastasia Brow Wiz which is a great creamy product that will keep your brows looking flawless. The drugstore alternative is the new Maybelline Brown Define & Fill Duo which is another great product to have.

6. Voluminous Mascara – Complement any eye look; whether natural or bold with voluminous lashes. Having long, thick, full lashes definitely transforms any eye makeup look! With volume-boosting mascaras, you’ll be able to get long, curled, and thick lashes with only a few coats. So make sure that you have a good quality black mascara in your fall makeup collection. Here’s a tip..there are numerous outstanding mascaras in the drugstore so this is one product that you don’t necessarily need to splurge on.

7. Lip Balm – Lip balm or chap stick is another beauty essential during the fall season! You need to condition your lips daily and add moisture in them to avoid the chapped lips look that the cold weather leads to. By doing this on a daily basis, you’ll have a nice smooth canvas that will allow you to apply dark bold colored lipsticks flawlessly.

8. Contour Kit – Chiseling your cheekbones is a huge beauty trend nowadays and it is going to continue to be one this fall season. Pick up a bronzer or contour kit to have in your fall makeup collection. By applying the product to the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, nose, and forehead, you’ll be able to show off your great bone structure in an effortless way. Some great contour kits out there include the Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette and the Lorac Pro Contour Palette.

9. Kajal Pencil – This product is essential to create those beautiful smoky and sultry eyes that we just love during the fall! By applying kajal to your waterline and smoking out a bit, you’ll frame your eyes in a very sexy way that will grab all the attention around you. So be sure to have one of these this season!

10. Hand Cream – And the final beauty essential to have in fall is a hand cream. You want your hands to look soft and smooth. So having a hand cream in your beauty collection and applying it daily will allow you to achieve just that. There are so many different hand creams to choose from, so just head to the drugstore and pick up whichever attracts you the most.

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